Lend Me Your Ear | January 2022

Scott Gallimore

January 3, 2022

Someone pointed out recently that we are about to begin 2O2O-two (2O22ll Oh no, not again l!!


The past couple of years have been very strange and prayerfully not to be repeated in our lifetime. However, the new COVID variant, along with the others of which we have been exposed, continue to pose a threat to our health. Nevertheless, we are back to work, back in church and many things are beginning to feel normal again. lt also appears as though Americans are beginning to treat this extremely painful ‘epidemic’ with some common sense. To that end may our 2022 be a blessed year in our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you all for allowing Piney Grove to continue to be a blessing in our community. The HUGS, cancer support, food bank and Angel Tree ministries have all shined the love of God brightly during the recent holidays. Also, because of your generous tithes and offerings we are concluding the fiscal year in good shape and look forward to what the Holy Spirit has in store this New Year. Our Wednesday Night Discipleship hour is set to begin again January 12 with classes beginning at 6:00 and music ministry rehearsal beginning at 7:00. Our midweek Noon Bible Study shall begin that day with the book of First Samuel. The evening educational opportunities are yet being planned out so check our website and Facebook page to see what classes are available. lf you do not find what you are looking for please give me call and together we can find a place for you to grow in Discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ.


It was our plan to begin the Wednesday Night Fellowship meal again on this date at 5:00 pm; however, several factors will necessarily push back the advent of the regular weekly fellowship meal. First, we still are without a regular team of meal cooks. Secondly the present pandemic fallout is proving to be challenging in terms of fellowshipping together around the tables as more folks are becoming vulnerable to COVID. Ultimately when we do begin the fellowship meals it may be on an occasional basis initially. We will still need plenty of volunteers to ensure that the fellowship meal is a positive experience for all. Drink preparers, food servers, table cleaners and set up/take down will all be necessary areas of service so be prepared to lend a hand. We are praying for the answers to our sincere desire to experience a regular weekly fellowship meal once again. Until then, may the Holy Spirit give us peace about our church, the ministries we do share, reaching the lost for Christ and growing in our personal relationship with God


Meet the Pastor

Scott Gallimore

Scott was called into the ministry while attending Piney Grove UMC with his wife, Rita, in 1992. The Walk to Emmaus was an instrumental means of grace in clarifying that call. As a former professional jockey at Oaklawn Park and throughout the midwest, Scott’s testimony includes how God led him from the “Pasture to the Pastor.”

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