UMW Auction

Bidding Begins June 1st!
If you plan to donate items, please contact one of the committee members below.  Please email us a picture of your item accompanied by a suggested beginning bid price.  You may donate items to be sold from $25.00 and up.  
Bidding will begin June 1 and will be accepted through June 15 with pick up day on June 19th.  This first two-week auction will have between 15 to 20 items.  The committee will contact each seller to let them know if his/her item sold.  At that time the seller will make arrangements with the buyer to pick up their item on the afternoon of June 19th.
Staci Caver: 501-547-1925
Haley Whitfield: 501-520-9994
Nancy Owen: 870-692-3594
Angi Germany: 501-520-1956
Bennie Prince: 501-815-3723
Trish McGrew: 501-617-1095
Jane Oliver: 501-520-1333
Rita Powell: 501–620-3101