Angel Tree


November 11, 2021

Our ANGEL TREES are UP and located in the Fellowship Hall. For those of you who are new to our church, each year Piney Grove gathers names of families in the Lake Hamilton School District that could use help providing Christmas for their children. We find out their children’s clothing sizes and what toy they would like to have and provide that for them plus, we give each family a large box or boxes of food and a bag of toiletries.

The requirements for sponsoring one or more of the angels are: 1) purchase one set of NEW clothing (pants & shirt, warm-up suit, etc. and be sure that the clothing is washable-if your Angel is 13 years or older, you may purchase a clothing gift card from Old Navy instead of purchasing clothes). 2) purchase one toy up to $25. If you wish to include socks and underwear, that is great. We are listing shoe sizes this year so you’ll know what size socks to purchase.

FYI: EACH family is given a NUMBER & THEIR CHILDREN are each given a LETTER. Should you wish to adopt a “family” check the letters in the Angel Book to see how many children are in each family and choose from that. (ie: 2-A; 2-B; means family is #2 and they have two children-A & B.)

BE SURE TO SIGN THE BOOK by the tree so we know which angels have been taken.

Once you have purchased your gifts, please wrap them in TWO separate packages, put your ANGEL NUMBER on EACH package and tie the packages together. Then securely attach the angel
(number side up) to top pkg. The reason we ask you wrap your gifts in two separate packages is to be fair so each child iil that family will get the same amount of gifts.

Please bring your gifts back to the church no later than December 5th. List the date you returned your package in the book by the angel tree.

Also, again this year, we could use your help with not only the purchase of gifts for the angels but also help with purchasing non-perishable foods for the families or, if you prefer, you may make a monetary donation so we can get the items at a much-reduced cost from the Food Bank. If you would like to be a part of this, you may bring your donations to our church’s fellowship hall no later than December 3rd. There is a table designated “Angel Tree Families Food” for your convenience. ITEMS NEEDED ARE:
Beans, Corn, Peas, Canned Chicken, Canned Fruit, Chicken Helper, Cereal, Jars of Applesauce, Jelly, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter, Ramen Noodles, Ravioli, Rice, Soups, Spaghetti, and Spaghetti Sauce.
Toiletries are Deodorant, Shampoo, Bars of Soap, Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste. We also need NEW OR USED COATS in good condition and STUFFED TOYS.

We really appreciate your help. What greater way to serve our community than to help a family in need and bring a smile to a child’s face.

Thank you!
Martha Nolan and Diana Smith, Co-chairs

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